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URPOWER 400ml Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuser Review

The URPOWER Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuser is a simple and effective solution for a happy and healthy life.

URPOWER 400ml Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuser

Its elegant style means it blends with most decor styles and its operating time of 10+ hours will make sure there is no need to keep continually topping up with water to enjoy the benefits.

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Features You’ll Value

Looks great and works great, the URPOWER Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuser is a wonderful addition to the home for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at a few of its most pleasing features:

Stylish design

The diffuser has a wood grain, dark coated finish that has the ability to look much-like real wood. This stylish design means it shouldn’t have too much difficulty in blending with most decor styles throughout the home.

Mist output

The URPOWER oil diffuser is easily tailored to match your specific needs. The mist output is variable with a high/low setting. Also, it has a useful beep alert to let you know when the diffuser is set to your preferred needs.

Large capacity

The large water tank on this oil diffuser has the option to hold up to 400ml of water, which is certain to help those interested in the longer relaxation session. Overall, this makes it possible for the diffuser to run for a total time of 6-7 hours per refill.

Timer function

The time frame of the misting action is entirely determined by you. This oil diffuser gives the option to run continuous mist which is practical for an all-night session or limited to a specific time – 60 minutes, 120 minutes or 180 minutes – if preferred.

Low volume

The URPOWER oil diffuser is built to operate at a very low volume to avoid disturbing those nearby while in action. It relies on ultrasonic technology to maintain the peaceful environment to study, sleep or work.

Changing LED light

Use this oil diffuser to create the relaxing or a romantic atmosphere with the color changing LED light. Beyond, the seven different colors (red, orange, green, blue, cyan, pink and white) there is also the option to change between dim and bright.


  • Very easy to lift-off cover
  • Useful water capacity at 400ml
  • Easy to clean with its larger scoop shape
  • Great rubber base to avoid slipping or scratching
  • Option for thin or thick mist
  • Helpful timing options
  • Auto switch-off if the water gets too low
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Stylish design with LED light


  • Gives a noise alert when switching off, which can be annoying if sleeping
  • Water reservoir may not last the entire night